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Mold Remediation

“It was wet, I sucked it up with a shop vac and now it smells like mold.”

“I washed it with bleach and the mold came back.”

We’ve heard these statements often. Mold loves to grow in warm, damp, dark areas, so in summer months, basements in New England are very susceptible. Anytime there is a water damage situation and it is not dried quickly and properly (see water damage section), mold could be an issue.

Duraclean’s technicians hold the highest level of certifications in the industry so they are the choice to handle any mold remediation need. We are proud to an IICRC (Institute of Inspection & Restoration Certification) certified firm. We also hold certifications by RIA (Restoration Industry Association) and IAQA (Indoor Air quality Association).

Duraclean’s Professionals attend continuing education classes to keep up with the latest products and procedures to make sure the job is done right. Proper containment and removal is essential to the remediation process, as well as specialized equipment that Duraclean uses on every job. You can depend on the caring and meticulous professionals at Duraclean.

If you have a suspicion of mold in your home or business, a professional certified mold inspector (indoor environmental professional) can help you identify mold problems, and design a remediation plan to remedy the situation.
There are things that may alert you to a mold problem. Mildew or musty odors, increased allergy or respiratory symptoms, visible patches or suspicious looking areas or a moist or damp basement. These damp finished basements are incredibly common in our area here in New Hampshire. Especially vacation homes that are closed up in the humid summer months. Condensation can accumulate over time and build moisture and humidity levels that support mold growth. Homeowners can control this high humidity by installing a dehumidification system that run continuously when the home is not being used. Keeping relative humidity well below 50% will help to prevent mold growth.

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